Stylin’ in the streets: New York Fashion Week, Sept. 9 & 11, 2014

During the last day of New York Fashion Week, I decided to switch positions and get in front of the camera to model for a designer I met (video below!), so I didn’t get to take as many photos. Therefore, I am combining my favorite street style captures from my last two days of New York Fashion Week. Enjoy!


Christian Riley is flawless is this flowy, black dress.


Like mother, like daughter. This photographer and model duo was the most adorable thing ever.


I met Christina, a fashion designer, on the first day of fashion week. By the last day, I was a model for her lol. See the video below!


Shades are THE thing at fashion week (Igee Okafor, right).


You can never go wrong with class (Edwina Kulego).


These cool kids are wearing i-toykome attire.


Not only is she wearing the colors of my alma mater, but she is wearing them well! Haha. Candace Marie Stewart looks fabulous is this vintage skirt that I would love to have.


Ali is bringing us plaid and simple with a dash of sass with the pop of pink, and red lip.


Sitting in style.


Stylin’ in the streets: New York Fashion Week, Sept. 5, 2014



Rollin’ in retro


Jess Sisco‘s excitement is the perfect fashion week accessory.


I can make photographers smile too.


Frances Stone is kickin’ it with pops of color.


Arlinda McIntosh and Paola Mathe are doing queen things with skirts and headwraps.


Kathleen Elie is making a scene in all green.


A little leg won’t hurt nobody.


Skirtin’ it = werkin’ it


Reppin’ it for Pinup Girl Clothing


Great style deserves an accompanying smile (Isaiah Isaac)


She likes it! (Anne Li and Chiaki)


Stylin’ in the streets: New York Fashion Week, Sept. 4, 2014

IMG_1104-bwThe weeklong fashion fiesta better known as New York Fashion Week has come to an end, but style lives on.

While people scurried to get into shows by top designers, the streets was where most of the excitement thrived. It was the intersection of emerging and established bloggers, designers, photographers and the like. It’s where culture really came alive, new friendships brewed and unforgettable conversations took place.

Here are some of my favorite street style captures and moments from Day 1 (Sept., 4, 2014):


Alexandra Dieck, a fashion designer and style blogger, shows us that black is still boss.


All white is all right. (Fashion blogger Alyssa Lau)


Nothing’s boring about Daisy Nash, a hair stylist and makeup artist, who brought a little spice to the streets with this warm-hued dress.


Leather is better… in any kind of weather. (Fashion blogger Daniela Ramirez)


Danijel Vukoja knows how to beat the heat with a cool fit and a matching drink.


Pink? No problem. (Recording artist Dante Blakeley)


Igee Okufor keeps it clean in camo.


Friends are for selfies– but with style, of course.


Hats off to this lady who kept it simply chic.


Have fun captioning this…


Can you say GQ? (Steven Onoja)


Modern cinderella


You can’t help but smile for this photographer… Say cheese!


The wait aka “photographer’s corner”


Buggin’ for a taxi


Lia Pellerano is schoolin’ us for sure.


Style comes effortlessly for fashion stylist Ni’ma Ford.


Brazilian photographer Rafael Euterio wears her camera well.


Fresh in prints (The RX Boys)

taye and nikia-e

Pals in patterns (Taye Hansberry and Nikia Phoenix)

Me being interviewed by the wonderful Abi

Surprise! Me being interviewed by Abi Ishola.

Stay tuned for my top captures from days 2, 6 and 8 (yea, I missed a few days), and for even more, follow the blog on Instagram @pensandpumps.

Steve Forbes speaks to a room full of entrepreneurs at AlleyNYC

VIDEO: Steve Forbes talks “Money” with emerging entrepreneurs

“If you’re on a bad date and want out, start talking about monetary policy.”

Steve Forbes joked about monetary policy, but that’s just how destructive he says it can be on the global economy.

The chairman and editor-in-chief of Forbes Media, who rocked a green tie and clutched a green pen, spoke Wednesday to a room full of entrepreneurs at AlleyNYC, a co-working space for early-stage entrepreneurs, about his new book, “Money,” co-authored by Elizabeth Ames.

“The purpose of the book is to strip away the curtain on money and monetary policy,” Forbes said, mentioning a stagnant U.S. economy. “One of the problems is that economics has been latent with equations and a lot of jargon; it gets in the way of understanding what money is about.”

Although there are many important aspects of the economy, Forbes said monetary policy should be the top priority.

“If the economy doesn’t get monetary policy right, nothing else matters,” he said. “You can get it right on taxes. You can get it right on regulation. You can get it right on government spending. But if you don’t get the money right, you’re in trouble.”

Screen shot 2014-09-09 at 10.54.10 AM

Steve Forbes, chairman and editor-in-chief of Forbes Media, signs books after a talk about his new publication, “Money,” at AlleyNYC.

Forbes opened up the floor for a Q&A session and attendees presented concerns such as bitcoin, whether higher education was necessary to be successful, and acquiring new clients in a competitive industry.

“Bitcoin is a high tech cry for help,” he said.

“As a leader, don’t do everything,” he said to another. “It’s not going to get far, even if you can do everything– successful companies are partnerships.”

Yuko Nakanishi, who owns a research and consulting business, was in attendance and agreed that partnerships were vital in her success so far.

She said it was “difficult and challenging” when she started in 2005, but making connections with other businesses, attending conferences and joining professional organizations helped push her forward.

But what resonated with her the most was Forbes’ statement that business-owners shouldn’t follow their emotions when trying to invest in their company.

“It’s tough,” she said. “But I have to be objective.”

The session wrapped up with a book-signing– unfortunately, with no checks– and, of course, selfies.



VIDEO: ESSENCE takes fashion week to the streets

Essence Magazine took New York Fashion Week to the streets yesterday with a family-friendly block party in Brooklyn.

The free event, hosted under the Manhattan Bridge archway in Dumbo, celebrated street style with celebrity guests such as Jazmine Sullivan and ESSENCE Street Style Closet Crush Award recipient Tracee Ellis Ross, who strutted down the stage during a street style fashion show.

Ron Bass at Essence Street Style Festival

Ron Bass poses at the ESSENCE Street Style Block Party in Brooklyn on Sunday, September 8, 2014, next to a 2015 Chevy Cruze he styled.

The work of Brooklyn-based artist Ron Bass, who “artistically styled” a 2015 Chevy Cruze, was also on display alongside clothing, food and jewelry vendors, a face painting station and live hair and makeup sessions.

And there’s no such thing as a block party without a dance off. Attendees were invited up on the stage in pairs to showcase their moves as DJ Oliva dropped the beats.


VIDEO: Spike Lee, Brooklynites celebrate Michael Jackson’s birthday


A Michael Jackson impersonator entertains a crowd at Spike Lee’s “Brooklyn Loves MJ” celebration on Sunday, August 24, 2014.

Happy Birthday, Michael!

Today marks what would’ve been the King of Pop’s 56th birthday. Last weekend, Spike Lee hosted an annual celebration at the Bedstuy Restoration Plaza to commemorate him.

Borough President Eric Adams made an appearance and spoke about how the star impacted his life.

“Michael taught me something that really internalized in me: don’t live by labels,” Adams said. “Everybody wanna tell you how to live your life. Live your life the way you want to live it so you won’t have to live life in regret.”

With each iconic song that played, people couldn’t help but move their feet. A dance circle formed in the middle of the crowd, and there were even a few MJ impersonators around to usher in the mood.

Lee also used a few of Michael’s songs to honor Mike Brown, John Crawford III and Eric Garner– unarmed black men who had been killed by authorites.

People waved illustrated signs of the young men side to side as the DJ played “They Don’t Care About Us” and “Man in the Mirror.”

Lee said he felt like they were songs that “Michael wrote for what the situation is today.”

Tell us how you’re celebrating Michael’s birthday and share your favorite song! And check out where people are using the hashtag #MJWeAreOne on Instagram to honor him.


Thousands of people without a care in the world flocked to Brooklyn this weekend for AFROPUNK Fest.

The multicultural festival, which caters to young people who deviate from the norm, celebrated 10 years at Commodore Barry Park with another awesome round of musicians, artists, designers, food and more.

We’ve captured some heart-warming memories in motion during the two-day fiesta.

And here are some of our favorite stills from the event: